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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity (APPG) was 'a cross-party group of MPs and peers devoted to raising the profile of obesity, campaigning for appropriate policy change and acting as a focal point for debate and the exchange of ideas, views and information'.[1]

The APPG is chaired by Rosie Cooper, the vice-chair is David Amess and the treasurer is Jackie Doyle-Price. [2] The APPG was previously co-chaired by Dr Howard Stoate MP and by Vernon Coaker MP.[3]


Group relaunch

The Group was relaunched on Wednesday 4 June 2008. This event supported by the Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO), after a two-year break following previous support by the National Obesity Forum. [4]

Drug company funding

According to Robert Thomson, the editor of The Times in 2006:

The Obesity group is supported by the National Obesity Forum. In January, the President of the National Obesity Forum, Dr Ian Campbell, quit claiming it had become too dependent on drug company funding. The forum lists GlaxoSmithKline UK ltd, Slim Fast Food Ltd, Tanita UK Ltd, Sanofi-Aventis Ltd as amongst their “partners".[5]

Initial establishment

According to Helen Johnson Public Affairs:

In January 2001, the National Audit Office set out the significant costs of obesity for the first time - both to the NHS and to the economy as a whole - and called upon the Government to adopt a consistent approach to the management of obesity, with more extensive joint working across the NHS and Government, both nationally and locally.
Frustrated at the lack of progress and commitment at national level, concerned MPs and healthcare professionals decided to form the All Party Parliamentary Obesity Group to act as a focal point for parliamentary concerns about obesity, diet and nutrition. HJCL was actively involved in setting up the Group in 2002 and, in conjunction with the National Obesity Forum, has continued to provide secretariat support ever since.
HJCL is responsible for designing, managing and implementing the Group's rolling programme of parliamentary, policy and media relations activities including writing and producing quarterly newsletters, briefing MPs and peers, liaising with third parties, planning and coordinating bi-monthly meetings, writing meeting reports and organising parliamentary receptions and visits. [6]


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